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기독교적인 관점으로 영원한 삶에 대하여 짧은 영상을 만들어 보았습니다.

구체적인 형태에 가두지 않고 추상적인 이미지를 상징화하여 이와 같은 미니멀한 비주얼과 사운드가 만들어졌습니다.

영상 삼각형의 빛은 삼위일체의 의미를 내포하고 있습니다.

그리고 인간을 상징하는 메탈링 형태의 구조체들은 , 삼위일체를 희망하며 빛을 찾아가고 있습니다.

비로소 속에서 인간은 멈추지 않을 영원한 춤을 추며, 즐거워하는 모습을 보여주고 있습니다.

영상에 전반에 쓰인 긴장감을 고조시키는 리얼한 오디오사운드는 영국의 Box of Toys Audio 스튜디오와 협업하여 제작되었습니다.











윤이수실장의 'Eternity' 작업은 the creators project 소개되었습니다. ( 원문 하단링크 참고 )


When you first watch Eternity, there is the feeling as if you are in a magnetic world, 

situated inside a perpetual motion machine but picking up the sonic repercussions of 

each metal element slicing through the air. The video's main conceit focuses on “eternal life”

—quite a large narrative to set in motion, take it that the majority of the video features

the movement of slim metallic rings, constantly curving and rotating.



The short video's creator, Ihsu Yoon, who collaborated with London-based audio

studio, Box of Toys, as well as GIANTSTEP, a consultancy firm for creatives, 

shares with The Creators Project that Eternity “contains religious context about after life, 

the life without the flesh.” It meditates on a elements of faith and theories of afterlife, 

Yoon describing the flow of the video’s symbolism as such: 

“The metal rings that appear in the beginning are representation of people that are stuck in void of darkness where they [are] dark, inactive and seemingly dying. 

A triangle representing [the] Holy Trinity slowly shines on the metal rings which gives them life and vitality to escape the darkness with joyfulness.” 

The video's conclusion features the spectacle of the spinning rings dancing about within the illuminated space, 

representing what Yoon says is representative of “eternal worship of joy.”




3D CGI TEAM 윤이수 실장





It was designed with the support of the GIANT VENTURES.